Training sessions, courses

Organisation de stages


You teach meditation or relaxation (Sophrology, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong...) and you are looking for a proper venue.

We can let you use our main venue, with or without tables, and lay floor mats on the floor for you.

The venue has an independent access from the garden, for more privacy.

Our leisure activities** (bicycles, sauna, swimming-pool, body care) can be a plus to help you reaching your goals at communication improvement, conflict avoiding rules, motivation reinforcement, brotherhood enhancement (only residential).

Overnight seminars within the limit of 15 persons are possible***.

Fees: 65€ for a half-day; 100€ for a day (with or without tables).
Fees with floor mats alone: 85€ for a half-day; 115€ for a day.
Coffee break (Water, coffee, fruit juice): 5€ per person.
Premium coffee break: (water, coffee, fruit juice, pastries): 7€ per person.

* Price subject to variation according to the menu. Please contact us for details.
** Activities fees, see “Activities” tab.
*** Booking for a group and/or a long stay, please contact us.